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Height adjustable tables designed for Lightboards

LoktekMotion Height Adjustable Tables

Programmable Height Control  

ET223/ET223(IB) Height Adjustable Desk

When purchasing a Learning Glass product or any other Lightboard, one of the main considerations is comfort and ease-of-use. This is especially true of the larger LGE68 and LGE88 models, which weigh 30kg and 50kg respectively.

The LoktekMotion motorised, height-adjustable table is designed to withstand a load up to 125kg and has been tested and proven to operate with our LGE68 and LGE88 lightboards. The control unit allows the user to select a comfortable height, and a memory feature allows them to save their preferred setting. All tables come with heavy duty casters for easy mobility.

  • Height Range: 22.8’’-48.4’’ / 580-1230 mm
  • Width Range: 43.3’’-74.8’’ / 1100-1900 mm Recommended
  • Tabletop Dimension:
    47.2’’-78.7’’ / 1200-2000mm (Width)
    23.6’’-31.5’’ / 600-800mm (Depth)
  • Load Capacity: 275lbs/125kg
  • Speed: 38mm/s
  • Noise Level: <50 dB
  • Low Standby Power: <0.5W
  • Hole less design column
  • Optional control panel (refer to accessories sheet)
  • Colours: White, Black, Gray
  • Supplied with heavy duty casters (wheels)

Additional Features

  • Built-in sensor: anti-collision, anti-pinch function (Adjust the corresponding function according to the gear position)
  • Dual DC33V output (optional USB charging, wireless charging function, etc.).
  • Double RJ45 interfaces (optional mobile phone remote via Bluetooth Dongle).

Product Dimensions

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