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The Best Lightboard Accessories

Lightboard Pens

EXPO Dry Erase, Neon Markers 

Expo neon, dry erase markers are our recommended Lightboard pen. These markers are specially formulated to work perfectly with a Lightboard. The bright, florescent, neon colours come in 5 shades and stand out clearly on the Lightboard. The bullet tip of the markers allows you to draw in thick lines, making your content eye catching and easy to see or read. These Lightboard markers are ready to use right out of the box, with no need to shake or press the tip as required with some other markers. They are also extremely quiet with no squeaking on the glass and no internal ball bearing rolling around making noise. The pens are dry erase, meaning they are easy to clean during your presentation without the need for any liquid, allowing you to focus on your Lightboard presentation.

Recommended Brand: EXPO
Ink Colour: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow
Point Type: Bullet
Number of Pieces: 5

Lightboard Cleaning Accessories

Lightboard Squeegees

Our Lightboard squeegee works well with the Learning Glass Lightboard. We recommend using this in between or after presentations with a cleaning fluid to remove any smudges or resin left behind by your Lightboard pens. The squeegee handle is comfortable to hold and it comes with a thick rubber blade to easily remove any liquid without scratching the glass.  

Materials: Plastic and Rubber
Colour: Black and Grey 
Dimensions: 32.4 x 14 x 3 centimetres 
Number of Pieces: 1 

Lightboard Microfibre Cloths

One of the best tools for Lightboard cleaning is a microfibre cloth. These are perfect for use during your Lightboard presentation and work well with dry erase, Lightboard markers. The soft and smooth microfiber material, does not scratch or leave marks and has a fast absorption capacity so can wipe away writing and pen particles quickly and easily. Microfiber cloths are also easy to wash by hand or machine with no additional cleaning products, making them reusable to protect the environment.

They come in 4, bright colours colours (green, pale pink, yellow and blue) in order to be able to differentiate their uses; they can be used for home, sanitary, car, etc.

Material: Cotton, Polyester Blend 
Dimensions: 32 x 32 cm 
Colours: Neon: blue, pink, yellow and orange 
Number of Pieces: 6 
Care instructions: Machine wash 

Lightboard Magic Sponges

Lightboard “magic” sponges are another great way to clean your Learning Glass during your Lightboard presentation. The eraser sponges are made of premium quality melamine foam. It has high density, toughness, and tearing resistance, and it can provide long-lasting cleaning power. We also recommend to use these without water during your Lightboard presentations to clean off the Lightboard pens as you go. They can also be cleaned in a washing machine or handwashed allowing for repeated use.

Material: Melamine foam 
Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.5 x 2.9
Colour: White 
Number of Pieces: 10 

Lightboard Cleaning Spray

After you are finished with your Lightboard presentation there may be marks, smudges and fingerprints on the glass from the presenter and the Lightboard pens. This is why we recommend using a good glass cleaner and a squeegee to remove these and leave your Lightboard clean and ready for the next presentation. This astonish glass cleaning product works well with the Lightboard. With the natural cleaning power of vinegar to leave a crystal clear, streak free shine. The solution does not have foam or bubbles which can interfere with the coating on the lightboard and is light and flows well so can be spread around the glass easily with the squeegee. 

Item Volume: 750 Millilitres 

All-in-one set

All-in-one set

A total package containing all the accessories you need for your Learning Glass Lightboard. This package includes our recommended Lightboard pens, cleaning products that can be used during your Lightboard presentation and once it is completed to ensure your glass is resin and smudge free to get the best quality Lightboard videos possible. 

Contents:Lightboard Neon Markers (Set of 5), Squeegee (1x), Microfibre Cleaning cloths (6x), Lightboard “Magic” Sponges (10x), Lightboard Cleaning Solution (1x)
Size: 50 x 50 cm

What our Clients Say

“I have found the EXPO markers perfect for writing on the Learning Glass lightboard. They show up really well, come in a great range of colours which help to illustrate my explanations and they are also easy to wipe off without any smearing. I’d highly recommend them!” 

Lewis Matheson, Physics Online 

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