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Lightboard with Integrated Camera

Learning Glass Lightboard complete with integrated camera

What is a Lightboard?

The lightboard is a large glass screen that lights up when you write on it. The image is ‘flipped’ and can be used for live streaming or pre-recorded video. It’s used by teachers and trainers to deliver their course content in a way that engages the audience like no other technology

The instructor maintains constant eye contact with the audience, while explaining their subject matter. Research suggests that this creates an enhanced learning experience through principles such as ‘Dynamic Drawing’ and ‘Gaze Guidance’.

Our Unique Lightboard with Integrated Camera

We launched the iC-Learning Glass to enhance the user experience, with the goal to make using our lightboard easier than ever.

Our purpose built, integrated 4K camera, works seamlessly with the Learning Glass lightboard, making it easy to create powerful, engaging, lightboard content at the touch of a button.

The LGE-iC Lightboard features our surface treated, smudge-free, safety glass, ensuring best clarity and optical performance.

The iC Learning Glass is available in two sizes:

iC-LGE30 – The working surface area is 66cm x 37cm, and at under 6kg, the unit is designed to be mobile.

iC-LGE45 – The working surface area is 99cm x 57cm, and at under 11.5kg, the unit is easily transportable.

Key Features

Here’s the key things you need to know:

  1. High quality 4K camera, engineered specifically for Lightboard technology.
  2. The position of the camera is calibrated to perfectly frame the lightboard without any adjustments.
  3. Camera attaches directly to the top of the Lightboard, leaving space for your computer underneath.
  4. Integrated polarizing filter to eliminate reflections from computer screens and monitors
IMAGE 2022-02-17 16:24:01

Works seamlessly with OBS video studio, the leading application for video recording and streaming

iC Lightboard Assembly Video

Watch this short tutorial video which demonstrates, how easy to assemble the very mobile Learning Glass iC-LGE30 and iC-LGE45 lightboard units with an integrated camera.

Lewis Matheson, Physics Teacher, demonstrates

the Learning Glass Lightboard

Physics online

YouTube channel

The lightboard has allowed me to teach in a way I never thought possible, maintaining my focus on the learners while easily making the notes to explain new concepts. It is really easy to set up and the technology does not get in the way of delivering great content. I couldn’t imagine not having a lightboard available for online lessons.

Why not book a demo?

Hello, I’m Toby, the CEO, and I’d like to offer you a 30-minute demonstration of our product.

During this session we will cover:

  • How the lightboard works
  • Use cases
  • Setting up the lightboard
  • User tips
  • Pricing
  • Q&A