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What Our Clients Say

Watch videos of our clients sharing their experience of using our lightboard products

Physics Online YouTube channel

"The lightboard has allowed me to teach in a way I never thought possible, maintaining my focus on the learners while easily making the notes to explain new concepts. It is really easy to set up and the technology does not get in the way of delivering great content. I couldn't imagine not having a lightboard available for online lessons." - Lewis Matheson, Physics Online

Basingstoke College of Technology

"The feedback from staff has been universally positive. We have found that the human touch of the teachers delivering has led to increased engagement from students who, this year will be creating their own lightboard videos, which they are very excited about!" - Scott Hayden, Digital Innovation Specialist & Lecturer

Imperial College London

"With the Lightboard you can actually write and engage with the audience at the same time. That's just magic! A great advantage of the Learning Glass is that somebody helps you take the audience to the journey to the things you're trying to explain." - David Dye, Professor at Imperial College London

Westminster University (LGE88)

"I was quite impressed with the fact that the Lightboard is very thought through. Also, the video quality is really good. I like that it's a stand alone product, you don't need any additional lights with it, so you're always ready to use it." - Vissen Limbeea, Classroom Teaching Development Manager

The Open University

"I can see the Lightboard being used for multiple purposes here on our campus. We can also envision this product being used for a variety of topics and disciplines as well. Overall, a very helpful tool." - Johanna Garcia, Senior Producer

University of Lucerne - Prof. Dr. Leif Brandes

"It was really cool for the students to see the Learning Glass in action. They think it is a creative way of teaching and seem to enjoy the learning experience. I am very happy with it!" - Prof. Dr. Leif Brandes, Professor of Marketing & Strategy