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Introducing the


A revolutionary technology combining the best
of the Lightboard and Smart Board

Introducing the


A revolutionary technology combining the best
of the Lightboard and Smart Board

What is a Smart-Lightboard™?

A Smart-Lightboard™ can most easily be described as a cross between a smartboard and a lightboard, providing many of the benefits of both.

A smartboard (or interactive whiteboard) allows you to write digitally, display images, video, and text through a control interface. The presenter interacts and is typically used where the audience is physically present.

A lightboard is like a transparent whiteboard where the presenter looks through the glass directly at the camera and writes with a neon pen. The image is then ‘flipped’ and video recorded or live streamed.

A Smart-Lightboard™ uses a unique technology providing a digital ‘layer’ over the glass board allowing the user to write digitally, display and interact with images, while maintaining direct eye contact with the camera and audience.

How it works

The Smart-Lightboard™ ‘system’ is comprised of the following elements:

The infrared frame connects to the user’s computer via USB and effectively turns the surface of the board into a large touchscreen. The user opens their preferred application, and the contents are projected onto the Nano Optic screen. The user can draw, annotate, move objects, rotate graphics and images, including 3D.

Camera not included: most professional grade cameras are suitable for filming.

The 46” Smart-Lightboard™ system includes:

Key Features

Features that make the Smart-Lightboard™ unique:

Write digitally using only a finger on the touch control surface.

Display vivid multimedia presentations and images.

Always facing the audience for maximum engagement.

‘Infinite canvas’ so you never run out of space.

Works for remote teams’
collaboration using tools like Miro.

Save, Share and Edit content in real time

Smart-Lightboard vs. Lightboard

Why would you choose a Smart-Lightboard™ over a traditional lightboard?

Where the traditional lightboard is a proven tool for educators, being simple to use and highly engaging, the Smart-Lightboard™ is the latest innovation in Lightboard technology. It doesn’t necessarily replace the  traditional lightboard, rather it offers a combination of unique enhancements that will appeal to certain users and use cases.

The Smart-Lightboard™ takes the simplicity and proven effectiveness of the traditional lightboard and combines that with an interactive, immersive, digital experience, taking video lectures and online training delivery to a whole new level. It also opens up many more possible use cases as it works with almost any application.

In Summary

Many users may still find the traditional lightboard
suits their needs and budget, however, there are limitations. Those users with an appetite for the latest innovation may lean towards the  Smart-Lightboard™ which offers a complete digital experience and all the benefits that brings.

What our customers say...

“I’ve used a traditional lightboard for the last 2 years. The Smart-Lightboard™ takes it to the next level. It’s easier and faster to create content. It provides an unlimited ‘canvas’ so you can just keep going without cleaning the glass and eliminates post-production. Displaying 3D models is an amazing feature and really helps to bring the subject to life!”

Lewis Matheson, Physics Online