Learning Glass Europe

Learning Glass Europe

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Lightboard product


The learning glass is a wonderful educational tool that has been tailor made for education. It is the perfect solution for providing access to virtual learning that is interactive and engaging in a remote setting. It has been widely adopted across the education sector and is being used to enhance student learning from schools to universities.

Learning & Development

Communicate with and inspire your employees by captivating their attention with The Learning Glass. They can be used within corporate L&D departments to create explainer videos and learning materials which are more engaging that traditional forms and improve employees’ learning experience.

Training companies

Take your online training to the next level by using lightboard videos to create your training content. The cognitive benefits and visual appeal of the learning glass engages audiences and makes an ideal tool for providing training and setting your business apart.

The Learning Glass Difference

Invented by a Physics Professor

There’s nothing more engaging than talking face-to-face. That is why Learning Glass is such a powerful tool for your video presentations. Lightboard technology enables your viewers — students, colleagues, training participants — to learn from you as if you were in the same room. There is no new technology for instructors to master, they simply write on the glass as if they were using a whiteboard.


Why it works

How it works

What People Say About The Learning Glass

“The LG allowed me to fully explain all economic models graphically, while facing students and keeping eye contact with students. I would not have considered teaching the class online without the LG. I believe it is easier for students to understand me, given my accent, if they can see me while I talk and draw. Students feel it provides them with a more intimate setting. Matt has kept on improving the LG over time - always keeping in mind the ability to teach more effectively.”
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes
Economics Professor at San Diego State University

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