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Smart-Lightboard™ product details and specifications

What is a Smart-Lightboard™?

A Smart-Lightboard™ provides a unique technology for anyone looking to teach, train, present or collaborate online. Think of a large transparent touchscreen that connects to your computer and allows you to run your favourite application, while at the same time looking directly at your audience through the camera.

There’s no other tool that provides this level of engagement. For example, turn a simple PowerPoint presentation into a thought provoking, dynamic interchange of ideas. Annotate your slides, write comments, and collect thoughts during your online meeting. Distribute the content to your participants as a PPT file and video.

The Smart-Lightboard™
System Options

46” Smart-Lightboard™ System with Laser UST Projector

The 46” Smart-Lightboard™ System is designed for smaller spaces and is portable. It’s supplied with a full HD (1920 x 1080), laser-based, ultra-short-throw projector, carefully calibrated for optimal visual performance.

The screen area is 102cm x 57.5cm, but unlike a conventional pen-based lightboard, the Smart-Lightboard™ is digital, and so you never run out of space!

To operate, simply connect via USB to your computer and start your presentation.

Camera: most professional grade cameras are suitable for filming. Contact us for more information or a demo.

LGE-S46PU Smart-Lightboard™ System:

1. Infrared multi-touch control frame
2. Built-in presenter lighting
3. Full HD laser-based UST projector
4. Patented Nano Optic Screen

70” Smart-Lightboard™

The 70” Smart-Lightboard™ has approximately a 2.5x larger surface area than the 46”, which enables more content to be displayed on-screen at the same time. For example, if you’re working through a long complex math formula this could be an advantage. Remember though, that the Smart-Lightboard™ is digital and so you never runout of ‘canvas’, just simply swipe/move to the next slide or section of your content.

Due to its size, the 70” will require a space of at least 3m x 3m for comfortable operation. Consider this option if you are a university or a training department with a dedicated studio.

Projector: we provide both UST and standard throw projectors, depending on your preference. You can also use one of your own.

Camera: most professional grade cameras are suitable for filming. Contact us for more information or a demo.

LGE-S70 70” Smart-Lightboard™ includes:

1. Infra-Red touch control frame
2. Built-in presenter lighting
3. Nano optic transparent projection film

(projector optional or use your own)

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