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LGE-S70 Smart-Lightboard™

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Product Overview

The LGE-S70, 70“ Smart-Lightboard is designed for use in a dedicated space with a controlled environment, such as studio. With a larger work surface area (2.5 x the 46”) it is ideal for users that need to display a large amount of content on the screen, for example a long math equation or many visual assets simultaneously. The S70 comes standalone without camera or projector, however, we can provide a UST laser projector that is recommended and supported by us if required.

Photonic chip transparent screen
TAC base HB1 with OCA glue (1606mm*928mm)
Tempered glass
70" transparent tempered white glass, 1606mm*928mm, thickness 3mm
Working surface area of glass
UST Laser Projector (integrated)
Throw ratio 0.235:1, resolution 1920*1080, 5300 lm
Projector Weight
Interactive Equipment
Infrared (IR) frame
70”, true 10 touch point multi-touch, 1550*872mm, response rate < 7ms, resolution 32768*32768, stylus included
Structural Parts
HDMI2.0, USB3.0
Screen Frame
High quality aluminium frame , 1636m*958*20mm
Presenter LED lights with dimmer
Colour temperature 6000-6500k, 1600 lm/m, 12V power supply, dimmer and remote control included
Packaging Material
Including carton 1760mm*1480mm*100mm
Weight & Height
Total Weight (excluding projector)
Height of frame

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