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LGE-S70 Smart-Lightboard™

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Product Overview

The LGE-S70, 70“ Smart-Lightboard is designed for use in a dedicated space with a controlled environment, such as studio. With a larger work surface area (2.5 x the 46”) it is ideal for users that need to display a large amount of content on the screen, for example a long math equation or many visual assets simultaneously.

The S70 comes standalone without camera or projector, however, we provide both UST and standard throw projectors, depending on your preference. You can also use one of your own. We also suggest a motorised table for easy height adjustment.

Camera: most professional grade cameras are suitable for filming.

Please contact us for more information or a demo.


Height Adjustment:

A motorised, height adjustable table is recommended (not included).

Projection distance:

This distance from screen to projector is approximate and will vary depending on the throw ratio and angle of the projector.

All measurements in mm

Photonic chip transparent screen
TAC base HB1 with OCA glue (1606mm*928mm)
Tempered glass
70" transparent tempered white glass, 1606mm*928mm, thickness 3mm
Working surface area of glass
Standard Throw Laser Projector (optional with S70P model)
Throw ratio 1.48:1 ~ 1.62:1, resolution 1920*1080, 3600 lm
Projector Weight
Interactive Equipment
Infrared (IR) frame
70”, true 10 touch point multi-touch, 1550*872mm, response rate < 7ms, resolution 32768*32768, stylus included
Structural Parts
HDMI2.0, USB3.0
Screen Frame
High quality aluminium frame , 1636m*958*20mm
Presenter LED lights with dimmer
Colour temperature 6000-6500k, 1600 lm/m, 12V power supply, dimmer and remote control included
Packaging Material
Including carton 1760mm*1480mm*100mm
Total Weight (excluding projector)
Height of frame

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