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Introducing the


What is a Smart-Lightboard?

A Smart-Lightboard™ utilises a unique transparent screen technology. This allows the user to present their digital content while maintaining direct eye contact with the audience. It works with almost any software application, simply connect via USB, and take your online teaching, training, and collaboration to the next level!

Key Features

Features that make the Smart-Lightboard™ unique:

Write digitally using only a finger on the touch control surface.

Display vivid multimedia presentations and images.

Always facing the audience for maximum engagement.

‘Infinite canvas’ so you never run out of space.

Works for remote teams’
collaboration using tools like Miro.

Save, Share and Edit content in real time

What our customers say...

“I’ve used a traditional lightboard for the last 2 years. The Smart-Lightboard™ takes it to the next level. It’s easier and faster to create content. It provides an unlimited ‘canvas’ so you can just keep going without cleaning the glass and eliminates post-production. Displaying 3D models is an amazing feature and really helps to bring the subject to life!”

Lewis Matheson, Physics Online