Lightboard technology for teaching

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    What is a Lightboard?

    A lightboard is a special glass board. Think of a transparent whiteboard which lights up when you write on it. The image from the video camera is then ‘flipped’. The big advantage is that the lightboard user is always facing their audience.

    What our Customers Say

    In this video our clients share their experience of using the lightboard

    Where would you use a Lightboard?

    Our Lightboards

    Smaller lightboards

    (LGE30 & LGE45)

    Large lightboards

    (LGE68 & LGE88)

    Why are we the leader in Lightboard technology?

    Premium Quality Glass

    Premium Glass Quality

    The glass is tested using a unique laser scan process, identifying any small defects such as tiny air bubbles.

    Internal Lighting

    Unique design of LEDs combining specific light frequencies to achieve near-perfect colour purity, across the entire glass surface.

    Presenter Lighting

    Our units have inbuilt lighting to completely illuminate the presenter. No additional presenter lights are required.

    Experience & Service

    Experience & Service

    Our in-house specialists have 7+ years’ experience implementing and working with the Lightboard and are ready to support you.

    Thousands of Universities and colleges have
    already adopted the Learning Glass

    “With the Lightboard you can actually write and engage with the audience at the same time. That's just magic! A great advantage of the Learning Glass is that somebody helps you take the audience to the journey to the things you're trying to explain.”

    David Dye, Professor at Imperial College London