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About Learning Glass Europe

Our goal is to consistently deliver a well-designed, effective online learning tool at an affordable cost, so that all teachers and learners can benefit from this unique technology. Our product, typically called a Lightboard, has proven to be extremely successful for the purposes of creating highly engaging online learning content, for audiences across many different types or organisation.
Our products are designed and produced within Europe, with our head office is in the Netherlands and our production facility in Slovenia. All our product components are sourced from within the EU and we are currently working towards ISO9001 accreditation.
Our executive team is made up of talent and experience from the entrepreneurial, engineering, and academic world. This balance of ‘know-how’ has allowed us to deliver a best-of breed product, while scaling the business to meet the demands of our customers.
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Toby Pannell – CEO / Sales & Marketing Director

Toby started his IT sales career in the tech boom of the late 80’s. During Toby’s career, he’s successfully built and run global sales teams selling enterprise software and services. His speciality is figuring out how best to get greats products in front of the people that really have a need and then how to maximise value. Toby has started and grown a number of successful businesses and is uses this expertise to build Learning Glass Europe.

Boris Sabo – Product Development Director

Boris is an experienced product designer and developer. After graduating as a Mechanical Engineer, he spent many years working as a commercial and private pilot. He has a passion for creating high quality, innovative products and has spent many years producing new 3D printing designs. Boris has brought this experience and expertise to enhance the lightboard and create a high-grade learning glass product.

Dr. Matthew Anderson – Founder of Learning Glass USA (Non-Exec Director)

Dr Matt Anderson is the designer of the original learning glass and Founder of Learning Glass US. He has over 25 years experience in Physics research and Education. As a Professor of Physics for the last 15 years, he has led a highly productive research group. He has also taught a multitude of course offerings, and is consistently one of the top-rated professors.

Ronald Huisman – Economics Professor Erasmus University Rotterdam, Entrepreneur (Non-Exec Director)

Ronald Huisman works as an associate Professor at the Erasmus School of Economics. He has won teaching awards from different institutes as a result of his innovative teaching methods applied to courses about financial economics, energy finance, and data analytics. Besides his academic live, Ronald is an entrepreneur. He lives in The Hague, the Netherlands. He is bringing his passion for education, innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure the success of Learning Glass Europe.

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